BladeFix correction tools

Our BladeFix correction pens are used to punctually repair damaged die-cutting edges and thus provide "first aid" in the die-cutting process.

BladeFix corrections tools

Saves the day

Production-related wear and tear and external influences can cause defects in cutting lines which cause irregularities during die-cutting. Typical examples are hooked corners or small interruptions in straight lines. With the BladeFix correction pens you are able to correct such flaws at least in spots and thus save remaining print runs and customer deadlines.

IMPORTANT: The purpose of a correction pen is not to re-sharpen a complete cutting die, but only to partially repair the cutting die for short-term problem solving.

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Basically, a distinction is made between two application cases: The increase of cutting edges that are too low and the resharpening of worn or defective cutting edges. The BladeFix set therefore consists of two pen tools. With one pen (Raise) you raise the cutting edge, with the other (Sharpen) you resharpen it. Depending on the case, "raising" the cutting edge may be sufficient.

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  • Compensation of irregularities during die-cutting
  • Repair of damaged cutting edges in spots, which have been damaged by the user or during the punching process (e.g. by jewellery, watches, tools)
  • Punctual restoration of worn cutting edges for the completion of important remaining runs
  • Avoidance of unnecessary effort for trimming by back-spraying (spray paint used for trimming must dry)