We are Wink

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools for the graphic industry. All over the world, renowned manufacturers of labels, packaging and many other die-cut products rely on the quality and outstanding service provided by Wink.

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We shape the world

Whether at home, in the car, supermarket, office or factory – we are surrounded by products, which acquire their final shape through die-cutting. When using the necessary precision tools, printers and converters all over the world trust in Wink as a reliable partner, because the flawless quality of the die-cut products is crucial for their own success. Depending on the sector and material involved, we have to meet very different requirements, when it comes to specifications for our cutting tools. From kiss-cutting to cutting-through, perforating, creasing and embossing – we tailor our tools perfectly to your individual needs.

About us

Our promise:
You cut, we care.

Maximum precision is the basis for successful die-cutting - often it is about microns (to illustrate: a human hair is about 50-80 microns thick). That is why we use the most modern CNC technology, specially developed for us, to manufacture our tools. However, this is only one of many reasons for our success. Above all, our customers appreciate the all-round carefree package that we are commited to. "You cut, we care" - this is more than just a claim, it is the core of the Wink philosophy. More than 400 dedicated employees worldwide ensure that our customers convert without worries and produce efficiently.

Corporate philosophy
About us

Association work

As a leading manufacturer of cutting tools, it is particularly important that we work as closely as possible with our customers in order to monitor developments in our markets. For this reason, we are actively involved in a wide range of national and international organisations.