AirTec solid dies

AirTec solid dies are used when waste is produced during the die-cutting process which cannot be grated off. In combination with compressed air and a suction device the AirTec ensures a smooth and clean production.

Airtec solid dies

Save waste removal

AirTec cylinders are solid dies with compressed air connection. Via air channels inside the cylinder, the compressed air is guided to the cylinder surface with pinpoint accuracy. Die-cuts are blown out exactly and safely disposed of by a suction device, so that no waste remains between the cutting edges or in the material web.

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AirTec cylinders are mainly used for through-cutting particularly solid materials that are difficult to die-cut. But also the combination of several heights for simultaneous kiss-cutting and through-cutting of adhesive materials is no problem. We manufacture your AirTec cylinder perfectly according to your personal wishes and specifications. Due to the standard hardening of the cylinders we guarantee a maximum service life. Our cylinders can be revised and resharpened several times.

Airtec solid dies

Suction device

The Wink vacuum funnel is used for the extraction of thedie-cut and blown away residues. A vacuum is generated by a separately connected vacuum cleaner and thus the waste is sucked off. The waste parts should not exceed a dimension of 20 mm to prevent the pipe from clogging. If the parts are larger, it is recommended that debris lines be drawn on the punching tool.

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  • material: high quality fully hardened tool steel (60 ± 2 HRC)
  • working width max. 510 mm (20“)
  • overall width max. 1000 mm
  • diameter min. 86 mm / max. 210 mm
  • weight: up to 200 kg
  • shaft diameter min. 22 mm
  • special sizes/formats on request
  • air supply: through shaft, capacity 4-8 bar
  • cutting lines: Standard height 1.2 mm, max. 3.0 mm, multiple heights per cylinder possible
  • tolerance: running accuracy ± 3 μm

Basic package

  • AirTec cylinder incl. gear (available in all common gearings and qualities)
  • standard moment regulator for adjustment of air outlet

Additional components

  • comfort variant of air moment regulator with fixing unit for air lance
  • vacuum system (incl. funnel, deflection roller and mounting material)
  • compressed air service unit (incl. air pressure regulator)

Finishing: optionally with non-stick coating