Complementary tools & accessories

The possible applications for flat die-cutting are as manifold as the final products themselves. For complex tools in autoplatens® and die-cutters, supplementary tools are used such as counter plates, stripping tools or blank separators. Wink also offers numerous finishing options.

Complementary tools & accessories

Counter plates

Wink offers the right counter plate for every application. There is a variety of creasing matrix, Pertinax plates or steel counter plates to choose from. Steel counter plates can be combined with various embossing tools.

Stripping tools

We offer upper and middle stripping tools in different designs. You can choose whether you want to work with or without lower pins. If you do not want to set the lower pins, we recommend our dynamic "hybrid setter stripping systems", which also have clear advantages in terms of stripping quality. If you are aiming for high machine speeds in addition to quality, we equip the upper stripping tool with hold-down plates. They are suitable for precise stripping at high machine speeds. The spring-loaded plates hold the die-cut parts in place and ensure optimum positioning. In the middle stripping tool, sheet lifters provide additional fixation of the die-cut product.   


Separation systems

For a smooth production process, it is indispensable that the blank separation is also optimally guaranteed. With various systems and options for blank separation, Wink offers maximum convenience, flexibility and effectiveness. The lightweight version of our separators, for example, impresses with its stability, short set-up times and unbeatable price-performance ratio.

  • Conventional steel depanelling system (also in lightweight version)
  • BSI-Angle Lock System (reusable)
  • For all autoplatens with blanking station

lowerpin-free stripping


Steel counter plate specialist

Long life

numerous accessories

  • counterplates
    • Can be combined with embossing (high, low, Braille)
    • Negative creasing and scoring possible
  • milled Pertinax counterplates
  • Upper, middle and lower stripping tools
  • with or without lower pins (hybrid setters)
  • Sheet lifters
  • Hold-down plates
  • Conventional separators made of steel or in lightweight construction
  • BSI Angle Lock System