Legally compliant and ethical behaviour is a high priority for the Wink Group, has a special status and is part of the Wink-DNA. As a result of globalisation and our international growth, the issue of compliance is becoming increasingly important, both in our own business activities and in our relationships with our business partners.


Compliance serves above all the goal of averting risks from companies and thus ultimately also the protection of our company. Violations of compliance regulations can have far-reaching consequences. A company in a democratic constitutional state must ensure that all national and international laws and guidelines are complied with. This is absolutely in line with our understanding of honesty and responsibility.

In accordance with our mission statement "You cut, we care", we also face up to this issue. In this context, the Wink Group has implemented a whistleblower system, as required by law, which enables persons with a connection to the company to anonymously and securely report violations of rules and grievances.

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) guarantees the protection of whistleblowers and transposes the EU Whistleblower Directive into national law. It ensures that whistleblowers and other persons affected by a report are not threatened with any disadvantages as a result of the report within the framework of the provisions of the law.

Information on violations of applicable law can be reported on the following platform: Wink Whistleblower System

Our reporting office carefully examines all incoming reports, is in contact with the reporters and takes the necessary measures to clarify the matter.