You care, you win!

Convert more economically with the right handling and care of your die-cutting tools. Maximize your precision by keeping your flexible dies, magnetic cylinders and rotary dies clean from rust & residues.

Care instructions

Care instructions for flexible dies

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  • Never bend a flexible die.
  • Always store dies with blades uppermost.
  • Always clean the reverse side of the die thoroughly before mounting it onto the magnetic cylinder.
  • Flexible dies should only be removed from the cylinder by a Wink lifter.
  • Remove all paint and glue residues after usage and treat both sides of the die with anticorrosive oil lightly.
  • Put flexible dies separately in provided Wink bags and seal them tightly.
  • Store the dies in suspended file pockets or in the original cardboard packaging in which the dies have been supplied.
  • Keep the certificate of quality and the provided cutting sample!
Care instructions

Caring instructions rotary cylinders

  • Clean the cylinders thoroughly before usage.*
  • Cylinders should be lifted into and out of the machine carefully.
  • Never put a magnetic cylinder down on the magnetic area. Never put a rotary cylinder on the cutting lines.
  • Remove paint- and glue residues regularly.
  • Control cylinder on damages which could be caused by excessive pressure of bearers.

*Only 2-propanol 99.9% without any other ingredients is recommended for cleaning the magnetic cylinders. Do not use 1-propanol, water or soapy water! After cleaning, the magnetic cylinder should air out for at least 15 minutes before a flexible die is mounted.

Care instructions

In the printing machine

  • Check for exact positioning of pressure-bridge on the bearers of the cylinder.
  • Ensure that bearings and shafts are running free from backlash.
  • Pay attention to adequate pressure between magnetic, rotary and anvil cylinder.
  • Increase cutting pressure very slowly.
  • Clean and oil the bearers and pressure rollers (felt-strips) regularly.
  • We advise the usage of pressure cells.
Care instructions


  • Measure the gap regularly.
  • Consider gap changing when ordering new cutting tools.
  • If the gap is one-sided or the gap tolerance is too large check or change magnetic and anvil cylinder.
  • Check bearers, bearings and pressure rollers regularly.
  • Check gears regularly.
Care instructions