SmartGap® Advance

As the basic model in the SmartGap® range, the ADVANCE already meets the highest demands in the production of labels and other narrow web products. Thanks to its unique stability, you can easily achieve perfect die-cutting results even at high speeds. To further increase efficiency, you can easily upgrade the Advance to the digital versions TOUCH and AUTOCONTROL.

SmartGap® Advance

The solid basis for your die-cutting success

The gap between the magnetic cylinder and the anvil cylinder, also known as “clearance“ or “undercut“, is of particular importance during die-cutting. In combina-tion with the thickness and composition of the liner material, the gap dimension determines the opti-mum height of the flexible die.Changes in the gap size (e.g. due to wear or heating) have a negative effect on the cutting result. More-over, there are further challenges in die-cutting: tool tolerances, fluctuating liner gauges and ever thinner liners. With the adjustable SmartGap® system, you have the cutting process under control at all times. A high-precision eccentric mechanism quickly and precisely regulates the gap (and therefore the cutting depth).

SmartGap® Advance

Easy handling - maximum precision

Using two rotary knobs on the unit frame, you can individu-ally adjust the gap on both sides to compensate for one-sided wear, inaccuracies in the cutting tool and fluctuations in material thickness.If the knob is turned in the “GAP +“ direction, the gap size is reduced and thus the cutting becomes deeper. Turning the knob in the “GAP -“ direction reduces the cutting depth by increasing the distance between the cylinders. Adjustment is possible both at standstill and while the machine is running. The adjustment steps are only half a micron, so that even the smallest corrections can be made.

SmartGap® Advance

Maximum precision

High-speed production

easy operating

Low maintenance

Control unit flexibly positionable

  • system for easy gap adjustment, consisting of adjustable anvil cylinder and a support roller, both solid and hardened. The digital version includes a touch display and a control unit.
  • adjustment range ± 80 microns
  • individual adjustment on both sides, at standstill and when machine is running
  • construction possible for all common machine types and working widths
  • suitable for cutting from below
  • SmartGap® cylinder
  • adjustment knobs
  • adjustment units
  • support roller


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