Steel rule dies for technical products

Our die-cutting tools are also excellently suited for many products from the technical sector. Thanks to our experience and specially developed tools, we guarantee perfect results for these applications as well.

Steel rule dies for technical products

That can be die-cut?

Yes. Apart from paper, cardboard and foil, many other materials can be die-cut with our tools, such as sheet metal, textiles, leather, rubber, cork, plastic or foam materials. Our customers come from a wide range of industries: Automotive, pharmaceuticals or the games industry. For example, Wink flat dies are used in the processing of deep-drawn parts to produce the final contour. Membrane keyboards, plastic carriers or seals are also produced with our flat dies.

Heat conducting flat dies

In addition to standard carriers made of wood, we offer heatable carrier plates made of aluminium for the technical sector. They are excellently suited for processing plastics, as they have a high thermal conductivity. The material is heated evenly and can thus be die-cut effortlessly and perfectly. In addition, aluminium carrier plates are particularly light and easy to clean. We equip our cutting dies for this area with cutting lines up to 100mm high. Our specially developed knives guarantee the highest stability and precision. Parts of any depth can be cut. For a clean transition, the line connections are welded and riveted.

Steel rule dies for technical products

  • max line height (in mm): 1000

  • Carrier:

    • Wood

    • Aluminium

  • Plastics
  • Leather
  • Sheet metal
  • Die-cutting
  • Perforating