Sheeter cylinders

Wink's multifunctional sheeter cylinders are available in various formats with different exchangeable cutting blades, e.g. for accurate perforating, cutting or kiss-cutting.

Sheeter cylinders

The final cut

Our blade sheeters are available for all common machine types and, of course, also in special designs (based on drawings or samples). The tried and tested Wink clamping system guarantees cost-effectiveness, as the knives can be replaced and individually adjusted quickly, accurately and without any problems. We also stock replacement knives for all common designs at our warehouse.

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  • Cylinder body made of case-hardened steel or stainless steel (optional)
  • Bearer rings made of high-alloyed, through-hardened tool steel
  • Hardened bearing seats (depending on machine type)
  • Hardened centering bushes
  • Knives available as cutting or perforating rules (standard height: 12 mm)
  • Knives distributed according to customer requirements; maximum number of knives depends on size
  • Run-out accuracy < 3 µm
  • Cylindricity < 3 µm   
  • Diameter: up to 300 mm
  • Cylinder width (incl. taps): up to 2,000 mm, special sizes on request
  • All gearing modules available
  • sheeter cylinder
  • gear (standard 1/8 cp)
  • one set of cutting/perforating rules
  • transport/storage container