Steel rule dies for the cardboard and corrugated board industry

Wink steel rule dies for packaging made of cardboard and corrugated board impress with their precision and stability. Thanks to modern production, experienced employees and first-class materials, we can implement even the most demanding orders. Our tools guarantee short set-up times and fast production speeds.

Steel rule dies for the cardboard and corrugated board industry

Die-making in perfection

Dimensional stability is a decisive criterion in die-making. The carrier plate is of particular importance here. We offer our carriers in various designs that provide you with exactly the dimensional stability you need: Multiplex, GRP or Epox. Our laser-cut beams guarantee maximum register accuracy. In addition, they convince with excellent planarity and a firm rule fit. High-quality materials make our tools particularly durable and - thanks to the possibility of multiple rework - extremely economical.

Compelling all along the line

State-of-the-art steel rule processing centres and lines matched to the material ensure optimum die-cutting results. Our cutting lines are available in different versions depending on the application and requirement profile:

  • with chamfer on one side, with chamfer on both sides, with facetted grinding
  • ground, scraped, polished or coated

For very filigree and small die-cuttings we offer profile and hole punching. Our die-cutting expertise makes us specialists in negative scoring and grooving. For corrugated or solid board, in straight or curved design.

Steel rule dies for the cardboard and corrugated board industry

highest stability

short set-up times

high machine speed

Long life

numerous accessories

Examples final products

The range of products made with our flatbed tools is huge: folding & shipping boxes, commercial printings or playthings in numerous variations.


  • Multiplex
  • GRP
  • Epox


  • with bevel on one side
  • with double sided bevel
  • with facetted bevel
  • ground, scraped, polished or coated

Special rubbers for

  • die-cutting
  • perforating
  • solid or corrugated board
  • Corrugated board
  • Solid board
  • Kiss-cutting
  • Through-cutting
  • (Negative) ceasing
  • (Negative) scribing
  • Perforating
  • Embossing