Magnetic cylinders for flexible dies

Excellent die-cutting results not only require an accurate flexible die. True-to-size magnetic carriers and anvil cylinders are equally vital. Only if all components are in flawless condition and perfectly adjusted, you will achieve premium die-cutting results.

OptiMag magnetic cylinders

Perfect hold for your flexible dies

Wink provides you with all you need - with outstanding quality and fastest delivery times. We use the latest high-tech equipment to manufacture high quality magnetic cylinders in all standard dimensions, as well as special formats, if requested by our customers. Our OptiMag cylinders stand out for their maximum precision, optimal adhesion and high durability.

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All advantages at a glance

  1. Hardened bearer rings and journals for maximum durability

  2. Magnetic area with optimum adhesion for perfectly fitting flexible dies

  3. Special, carefully cured adhesive prevents "bleeding" of magnets

  4. Cylinder body made of stainless steel for perfect cutting results without contamination

  5. Ground reference line for quick and easy die mounting

  6. Minimum tolerances in the gap and concentricity guarantee highest die-cutting precision

  7. Highest variability and efficient revision due to multi-part construction with removable bearer rings
OptiMag magnetic cylinders

Cylinder check

In order to guarantee flawless cutting results, we strongly recommend to regularly have a check-up and gap measurement for all your magnetic cylinders. By using various grinding and repairing techniques, your cylinders can be restored to their original condition in many cases.

Successful rotary cutting is heavily depending on the size of the "gap" (clearance). The correct alignment of the magnetic and anvil cylinder (with uniform initial tension) ensures trouble-free cutting and an excellent cutting result.

OptiMag magnetic cylinders

We can provide you with a detailed inspection of your cylinders’ overall condition and dimensional accuracy. You will receive a measurement certificate with appropriate recommendations for each cylinder inspected. This service enables you to monitor the technical condition of the equipment and prevent quality losses.

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Why not go ahead and have your cylinders checked? Simply contact our customer advisors to make an appointment and discuss other details, as required.

OptiMag magnetic cylinders

  • available in all common diameters and working widths; special sizes on request
  • cylinder body made of stainless steel
  • magnetic surface fitted with hard ferrite permanent magnets (optional neodymium magnets)
  • hardened bearer rings and journals (min. 60 HRC)
  • minimum production tolerances (gap: 3 μm / true running accuracy: 3 μm)
  • magnetic cylinder including gear
  • secure box for transport and storage
  • quality certificate