Zarządzanie i funkcje centralne

Zarządzanie i funkcje centralne

Executive Board

Alan de Natris Alan de Natris Neuenhaus | Deutschland Chief Executive Officer
Detlef Geske Detlef Geske Neuenhaus | Deutschland Chief Sales Officer
Pascal rowohl Pascal Rowohl Neuenhaus | Chief Financial Officer
Hildegard Budde Hildegard Budde Neuenhaus | Deutschland Management Assistant

Administracja / Finanse / IT

Judith Bloemen Judith Bloemen Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Finance and Accounting
Mustermann Jürgen Schevel Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Purchasing
Mustermann Olaf Raether Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Software Development / IT
Mustermann Andre Kortmann Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Data Processing

Marketing & regional sales

Oliver Rabe Oliver Rabe Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Key Account Management Wink Group
Zarządzanie i funkcje centralne Tobias Aehlen Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Sales
Central Europe
Ludger Bastubbe Ludger Bastubbe Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Sales
Asia-Pacific & Africa
Wolfgang Gross Wolfgang Gross Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Sales & Business Development Flatbed tools
Stig Nielsen Stig Nielsen USA | USA Head of Sales
Wink US, LLC
Fabrizio Decio Fabrizio Decio Italien | Italien Managing Director
Wink South Europe s.r.l.
Dr. Andre Gysbers Dr. Andre Gysbers Neuenhaus | Deutschland Head of Marketing

Production / Technology / QM

Gerwin ten Bosch Gerwin ten Bosch Neuenhaus | Deutschland Plant Manager Flexible Dies
Daniel Schraknepper Daniel Schraknepper Simmerath | Deutschland Plant Manager Cylinders
Steffen Brüggemann Steffen Brüggemann München | Deutschland Plant Manager Flatbed Tools MUC
Kerstin Keuter Kerstin Keuter | Head of Quality & HSE Management
Fabian Schultes Fabian Schultes | Head of Development