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Whether ultra-thin substrates, through-cuttings, large working widths or high production speeds: With the adjustable anvil SmartGap® you can easily achieve perfect die-cutting results.

SmartGap® versions at a glance

Why adjustable?

The variety of materials and ever thinner liners place special demands on all die-cutting components. Adjustable anvil cylinders allow variable adjustment of the gap dimension and thus the cutting depth. In many cases, however, conventional adjustable systems struggle with problems - especially with cutting-through, large working widths and high production speeds.

Wink‘s SmartGap® system overcomes these limitations. The SmartGap® enables you to flexibly and accurately adjust the cutting depth to your needs. The system convinces with a highly precise gap adjustment on both sides and a particularly stable construction, which ensures unique running smoothness.

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SmartGap® versions

All SmartGap® versions use the same proven stable design, with the extra wide bearing rings of the support roller backing the body of the anvil cylinder. While the basic ADVANCE version is controlled purely mechanically using adjustment knobs, the TOUCH digital version is controlled via a control unit and display.

The Touch model provides a number of powerful functions that make die-cutting more efficient than ever. The basic Advance version can be easily upgraded to the digital Touch version, which can be extended with an AutoControl package. No matter which version you choose, with the SmartGap® you are perfectly equipped for the future of rotary die-cutting.


SmartGap® benefits at a glance

Leading printers and press manufacturers worldwide rely on the SmartGap® system, which sets new standards in terms of functionality, stability and efficiency.

Perfect die-cutting results and maximum productivity

  • high-precision adjustment of the cutting depth on both sides
  • trouble-free processing of challenging materials and thin liners
  • avoidance of complaints
  • comfortable and user-friendly handling
  • digital extensions for optimized workflow and automated die-cutting

Die-cutting without limitations

  • no restrictions as with other adjustable systems
  • unique running smoothness even with a high proportion of transversal lines
  • high machine speeds possible
  • suitable for larger working width
  • flawless cutting-through/perforating




Maximum efficiency

  • less waste and material consumption
  • shorter set-up times and reduced machine downtimes
  • longer service life of all cutting components (flexible dies, cylinders, bearer rings
  • special construction prevents excessive heat development


Goes with the best!

The Wink SmartGap® is available for machines from all wellknown manufacturers

  • system for easy gap adjustment, consisting of adjustable anvil cylinder and a support roller, both solid and hardened. The digital version includes a touch display and a control unit.
  • adjustment range ± 80 microns
  • individual adjustment on both sides, at standstill and when machine is running
  • construction possible for all common machine types and working widths
  • suitable for cutting from below


Basic functions: Advance Touch AutoControl
Technical basis: Through-hardened anvil cylinder with high-precision eccentric adjustment unit and special support roll for maximum stability
Adjustment range: ± 80 microns
Minimum adjustment steps: 0.5 microns standard: 0.5 microns; optionally down to 0.1 microns
Operation/control analog (rotary knobs) digital (touch screen)
display only gap value Gap value (metric or imperial), controls and additional information
Gap adjustment left/right individually yes yes yes
Gap adjustment left/right simultaneously no yes yes
Product information, care instructions, cutting tips no yes yes
Network connection no yes yes
Monitoring of web and die-cutting result no no yes
Automatic adjustment of gap dimension no no yes

Further information

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