• Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders

SmartGap® cylinders

The adjustable anvil cylinder

The variety of materials and ever thinner liners place special demands on all die-cutting components. Adjustable anvil cylinders allow variable adjustment of the gap dimension and thus the cutting depth.
In many cases, however, conventional adjustable systems struggle with problems - especially with cutting-through, large working widths and high production speeds.
Wink‘s SmartGap® system overcomes these limitations. The SmartGap® enables you to flexibly and accurately adjust the cutting depth to your needs.
The system convinces with a highly precise gap adjustment on both sides and a particularly stable construction, which ensures unique running smoothness.
The basic Advance version can be easily upgraded to the digital Touch version, which can be extended with an AutoControl package. No matter which version you choose, with the SmartGap® you are perfectly equipped for the future of rotary die-cutting.


  • system for easy gap adjustment, consisting of adjustable anvil cylinder and a support roller, both solid and hardened. The digital version includes a touch display and a control unit.
  • adjustment range ± 80 microns
  • individual adjustment on both sides, at standstill and when machine is running
  • construction possible for all common machine types and working widths
  • suitable for cutting from below


  • very stable and low-maintenance system
  • cutting-through also possible with no problems
  • no resonance/vibration problems
  • no temperature increase in cylinder
  • simple installation and removal

The solid base for your die-cutting success

The gap between the magnetic cylinder and the anvil cylinder, also known as “clearance“ or “undercut“, is of particular importance during die-cutting. In combination with the thickness and composition of the liner material, the gap dimension determines the optimum height of the flexible die.
Changes in the gap size (e.g. due to wear or heating) have a negative effect on the cutting result. More-over, there are further challenges in die-cutting: tool tolerances, fluctuating liner gauges and ever thinner liners.
With the adjustable SmartGap® system, you have the cutting process under control at all times. A high-precision eccentric mechanism quickly and precisely regulates the gap (and therefore the cutting depth).

Your start into the SmartGap world

As the basic model of the SmartGap® series, the Advance already meets the highest demands in label production. Before delivery, the system is set to the desired gap dimension and the corresponding value is shown on the display of the adjustment elements (European standard: 480 µm).
Using two rotary knobs on the unit frame, you can individually adjust the gap on both sides to compensate for one-sided wear, inaccuracies in the cutting tool and fluctuations in material thickness.
If the knob is turned in the “CUT +“ direction, the gap size is reduced and thus the cutting becomes deeper. Turning the knob in the “CUT -“ direction reduces the cutting depth by increasing the distance between the cylinders. Adjustment is possible both at standstill and while the machine is running. The adjustment steps are only half a micron, so that even the smallest corrections can be made.

The future of rotary die-cutting

The SmartGap® has quickly established itself as the leading adjustable system in the market. The digital development SmartGap® Touch is based on the proven success concept.
The system offers many “smart“ features that further increase production efficiency. At the same time, the Touch technology provides the basis for your entry into future automation processes.

Digital gap adjustment for perfect die-cutting results

In contrast to the analog Advance version, the Touch is adjusted using digitally controlled stepper motors. The central BlackBox control unit can be flexibly attached to the machine.
The system is operated via a touch display, which is fixed to the unit via a freely swiveling magnetic holder. When clicking on the control elements, the corresponding signals are forwarded to the adjusting units via the BlackBox, thereby precisely adjusting the gap dimension.
At the same time, the touchscreen serves as a clear display for the currently set gap values. In addition, job and tool data are displayed upon request, which you can read via QR code with the integrated camera.
All order data and gap adjustment settings are stored in the system. In case of repeat jobs, you can start directly with the appropriate gap settings and thus save makeready time.

Automatic gap adjustment

The SmartGap® Touch already offers numerous advantages resulting from the digital control. With the AutoControl extension, you are taking another big step towards automation.
A specially developed sensor bar continuously monitors the die-cut material on the web. If the cutting is not deep enough, labels are pulled up with the waste matrix. The system detects these missing labels and reacts within fractions of a second if a threshold value is exceeded.
The cutting depth is then automatically increased until the die-cutting result is perfect again.
At the same time, AutoControl offers a configurable control function against cutting too deep to prevent damage to the liner material.
Of course, the AutoControl function can also be deactivated so that manual corrections can be made via the display, if necessary.

Ultimate efficiency

  • optimum die-cutting results at all times
  • satisfied customers, avoidance of complaints
  • enormous time savings during setup, production and finishing
  • operating personnel gain time for other Tasks
  • less waste and material consumption
  • digital marking of incorrect labels
  • documentation and evaluation of stored data and settings
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