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  • Bild Hot stamping cylinders
  • Bild Hot stamping cylinders
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  • Bild Non-Stick coatings
  • Bild Non-Stick coatings
  • Bild Non-Stick coatings
  • Bild Non-Stick coatings
  • Bild <strong>MCR</strong> coating for flexible dies
  • Bild <strong>MCR</strong> coating for flexible dies
  • Bild <strong>MCR</strong> coating for flexible dies
  • Bild <strong>MCR</strong> coating for flexible dies
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  • Bild <strong>EnveloCut</strong><br>Flexible Envelope dies
  • Bild <strong>EnveloCut</strong><br>Flexible Envelope dies
  • Bild <strong>EnveloCut</strong><br>Flexible Envelope dies
  • Bild <strong>EnveloCut</strong><br>Flexible Envelope dies
  • Bild Wisp® dies (sheet-fed offset)
  • Bild Wisp® dies (sheet-fed offset)
  • Bild Wisp® dies (sheet-fed offset)
  • Bild Wisp® dies (sheet-fed offset)
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  • Bild ProShift<sup>®</sup> technology
  • Bild ProShift<sup>®</sup> technology
  • Bild ProShift<sup>®</sup> technology
  • Bild ProShift<sup>®</sup> technology
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
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  • Bild Steel rule dies
  • Bild Steel rule dies
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Die-cutting units

Rotary die-cutting with maximum efficiency

Wink cutting units are used in many industries in rotary converting machines and are perfectly adapted to the respective workflow and application.
Our die stations are convincing due to their special stability, and thanks to their modular design they enable the integration of a wide range of functions which ensure maximum efficiency and precision for die-cutting.


  • Web width up to 1000 mm
  • Sturdy steel frame (nickel-plated or burnished), optionally stainless steel
  • Individual adaptation to the machine drive, optionally with support roller / drive shaft
  • Gear inside or outside
  • Unit fixed, axially adjustable on request
  • Multifunctional rail for flexible mounting of various accessory components

Optional equipment

  • Deflection / drawing rollers for variable web guide
  • Pressure gauges for checking and adjusting the cutting pressure
  • Protection devices / hoods made of acrylic or sheet metal
  • Crank for manual operation for the production of samples or small batches
    (optionally with feed and delivery table)
  • Extraction funnel for waste disposal

Hot stamping cylinders

In addition to our printing cylinders, we provide a wide range of high-precision embossing cylinders for processing your labels and other products. Our hot stamping cylinders for gold and silver foils are manufactured with state-of-the art CNC technology, thus ensuring most filigree contours and texts.

Laser hardening for flexible dies

Laser hardening is a process in which the tip of the cutting line is hardened by a laser, controlled by a specially developed computer controlled procedure. This gives maximum possible lifetime of the flexible die. Laser hardening is recommended generally for 'cutting through' as well as for difficult to cut (filmic) materials and long runs. 


  • maximum possible lifetime (hardness at top of cutting line: 66-68 HRC)
  • trouble-free kiss-cutting and cutting through, also with difficult materials
  • no impairing of the flexibility
  • no magnetic adhesion loss
  • no additional tolerance differences

Step 1


The complete cutting line is tempered by laser in its upper part, and then cooled off.

Step 2


The result: A harder steel structure at the tip of the cutting edge, with homogeneous transition to the residual die.

Non-Stick coatings

Wink Non-Stick coatings for flexible dies minimise adhesive and ink residues on the cutting edge and die surface, ensuring an uninterrupted manufacturing process. The flexibility and magnetic adhesion of our dies are not at all impaired by our Non-Stick coatings.


  • adhesive and ink residues on the cutting edge are minimised
  • perfect and clean die-cutting results
  • time saving due to less cleaning efforts
  • longer tool lifetime
  • can be combined with MC/MCR coating and laser hardening (apart from Non-Stick Silver)

We offer you four different Non-Stick coatings, which are optimised for specific applications. It is also possible to apply our Non-Stick coating on solid rotary dies and equipment (e.g. ink trays, guiderollers).


Recommendation: Standard labels
Anti-adhesives strength: +++
Anti-ink strength: -
Production time: 24h


Recommendation: Standard and multilayer labels, hotmelt adhesives
Anti-adhesives strength: +++++
Anti-ink strength: +
Production time: 24h


Recommendation: Multilayer labels, hotmelt adhesives
Anti-adhesives strength: +++++
Anti-ink strength: ++
Production time: 48h


Recommendation: Protection plates, ink trays, guide rollers
Anti-adhesives strength: ++
Anti-ink strength: ++++
Production time: 24h

Important information for the use of dies with Non-Stick coating:


Flexible dies with Non-Stick coating require a “running in” phase whereby the Non-Stick coating is removed from the tip of the cutting edge. During this “running in” phase the cutting/stripping result may not be perfect, but this is only temporary. After this process completely normal operation of the flexible die is assured.

MCR coating for flexible dies

The MCR coating substantially increases the life of your flexible dies, making it the optimum solution for abrasive materials and long runs. Particularly in the processing of very abrasive materials and inks (thermal paper, opaque white, luminous inks) and long runs, MCR offers a considerable prolongation of lifetime. 


  • specially developed hard chrome composite
  • coating applied by galvano technique 
  • hardness approx. 1200 HV
  • combinable with Non-Stick
  • no additional tolerance differences
  • no impairing of the flexibility or magnetic adhesion


Unsere Magnetzylinderständer sorgen für die praktische Lagerung Ihrer Magnetzylinder in unmittelbarer Nähe Ihrer Maschine. Somit ist ein direkter Zugriff auf Ihre Zylinder gesichert. Auf dem pyramidenähnlichen Ständer lassen sich bis zu 12 Zylinder unterbringen. Der Ständer zeichnet sich durch eine sehr stabile Multiplexholzkonstruktion aus und gewährleistet durch seine vier soliden Rollräder eine hohe Tragkraft.

Je nach Maschinentyp bieten wir Ihnen eine einwandige oder doppelwandige Ausführung an, Preis auf Anfrage.

Zu Ihrer Bestellung benötigen wir lediglich den Maschinentyp, um die Halterungsbreite zu ermitteln. 

Care products

„Wink Iso pro“ and „Wink Protec“

When cleaning and taking care of your cutting tools, we recommend that you use only Wink care products, which we have developed with the Fraunhofer Institut. Our care products do not damage your cutting tools, which therefore last longer.

  • The "Wink Iso pro" special cleaner removes ink and adhesive residues from flexible dies and cylinders. 
  • The special "Wink Protec" anti-corrosive can be used when oiling your tools before storing them away. 

Both care products are available in handy 0.5l bottles, incl. spray nozzle. 

Pricing & ordering

  • „Wink Iso pro“ special cleaner (0,5 l) – 6,90 €/bottle
  • „Wink Protec“ anti-corrosive oil (0,5 l) – 8,90 €/bottle
  • Set/s „Wink Iso pro“ (0,5 l) +„Wink Protec“ (0,5 l) – 14,90 €/Set

Order quick and easy through our contact form, or contact our sales team.

ForceControl Pressure gauges

Full control

Wink pressure gauges for adjusting and monitoring the cutting pressure for rotary cutting tools provide you with an effective and controlled process for all cutting tasks. The Wink pressure cells can be easily positioned immediately after changing jobs using the quick snap lock system.


  • Extended cutting tool life
  • Cutting pressure can be adjusted with minimum effort
  • Quick snap locks are easy to install
  • Pressure cells can be rapidly repositioned using the quick snap locks when retooling equipment for a different diameter

Version overview


ProMount aligning tool

Quite often, positioning of the flexible dies precisely onto the magnetic cylinder presents a challenge. However, using the compact ProMount aligning tool, the perfect installation of your flexible dies is made easily and quickly.


  • 7 standard types (PM 1 - 7) for the most common narrow web machines and working widths 
  • each best suited for cylinder circumferences Z-65 to Z-204 (1/8‘‘ cp)
  • special sizes on request 

With ProMount it's that simple

Printing cylinders

Printing cylinders form the basis of every printing machine and wetherefore manufacture them with the greatest care, in order to guarantee optimum fit and run-out accuracy. Wink printing cylinders are available for all standard flexo and letter press printing presses. Special designs are also possible based on drawings or samples. Positioning marks (axial and radial) can be added to the extremely finely honed cylinder bodies, in order to facilitate the mounting of the printing plates.

Larger cylinder types are also available as extra-light version with significantly reduced weight, so that a trouble-free installation is guaranteed. As an option, all cylinders can be coated with a hard anodized layer which increases the service life. Of course we also supply the corresponding gears, also available in hardened and ground quality.

In narrow web printing, sleeve technology has become very popular in recent years. In many new printing presses, the specially produced sleevescan easily be put onto the machine‘s carrier system with compressed air. 
As an optimised version to conventional plastic sleeves, we offer you sleeve cylinders made from aluminium, which are convincing with maximum precision and solid surface. Even when frequently changing the sleeves, avery high and constant accuracy is ensured.

It is also possible to change over older machines to sleeve technology, so that continuous printing without a seam is possible in these machines, as well. For this purpose, we provide you with the suitable mounting unit forquick and easy sleeve mounting, so that changeover times are reduced to a minimum.

  • Base material: high-tensile aluminium, steel, precision bearing
  • Sleeve system reduces weight
  • Surface finishing by anodizing on request
  • Run-out accuracy < 2/100
  • Cylindricity < 2/100  
  • Diameter: up to 300 mm
  • Cylinder width (incl. taps): up to 2,000 mm, special sizes on request 
  • All gearing modules available

Sheeter cylinders

We also offer multifunctional cutting cylinders, e.g. for accurate perforating, cutting or kiss-cutting in various formats. Our sheeter cylinders are available for all common machine types and, of course, also in special designs (based on drawings or samples). The tried and tested Wink clamping system guarantees cost-effectiveness, as the knives can be replaced and individually adjusted quickly, accurately and without any problems. We also stock replacement knives for all common designs at our warehouse.

  • Cylinder body made of case-hardened steel or stainless steel (optional)
  • Bearer rings made of high-alloyed, through-hardened tool steel 
  • Hardened bearing seats (depending on machine type)
  • Hardened centering bushes
  • Knives available as cutting or perforating rules (standard height: 12 mm)
  • Knives distributed according to customer requirements; maximum number of knives depends on size 
  • Run-out accuracy < 3 µm
  • Cylindricity < 3 µm   
  • Diameter: up to 300 mm
  • Cylinder width (incl. taps): up to 2,000 mm, special sizes on request 
  • All gearing modules available   
  • Delivery incl. gear (standard 1/8 cp), 1 set of cutting/perforating rules and transport/storage container  

SmartGap® cylinders

Adjustable anvil cylinder

The wide range of materials and ever thinner liners make special demands on all die-cutting components. Adjustable anvil systems permit a variable adaptation of the gap to the respective requirements. However, in some applications problems arise with conventional adjustable systems, in particular with cutting-through, larger working widths and high production speeds.

After long research and development work, we present the SmartGap® which overcomes these limitations. You can adapt the gap to your needs flexibly and with great accuracy. The system is convincing with highly precise double-sided gap adjustment and its particularly stable construction which even makes cutting through possible without any problems.

The SmartGap® is available in two versions: while the Classic version is adjusted via knobs, The touch model can be controlled via a touch display "at the push of a button". The patent-pending system offers, in addition to the actual gap adjustment, numerous "smart" functions, that make automation and control of production processes as efficient as never before.

Easy. Stable. Proven.

The SmartGap® is very simple and flexible to operate. The unit has two control knobs on its frame which adjust the gap individually for the drive and operator side in order to compensate one-sided wear, inaccuracies in the cutting tool, as well as fluctuation sin material thickness. The adjustment steps are less than a micron, so that even the smallest corrections can be made.

Adjustment is possible both at a standstill and when the machine is running. The display of the adjustmentelements is calibrated so that a display of “zero” (0000) corresponds to a gap of 480 microns. If the knob is turned in the plus direction, the cutting depth is increased (the gap gets smaller). If the knob is turned in the minus direction, the cutting depth is decreased because the gap between the cylinders becomes greater.

Digital gap adjustment for perfect die-cutting results

The adjustable anvil cylinder SmartGap® Touch is based on the proven classic version, but also offers numerous advantages and additional functions: It is controlled by a modern touch display with an intuitively designed and clearly arranged user interface. The display is connected to a central processing unit, which in turn commands the adjusting units and thus the anvil cylinder respectively. In order to power the SmartGap® Touch a standard household power outlet is sufficient.

The digital control provides the SmartGap® Touch with unrivaled flexibility: The step size is individually adjustable, depending on the application, the gap can be changed in small or large steps. The smallest adjustment unit is just 0.5 microns, making the SmartGap® Touch the most accurate system in the market. The gap can be adjusted as usual on both sides individually. In addition, it is possible to adjust both sides at the push of a button.

The digital architecture of the SmartGap® Touch allows for many additional functions: For example, product information, care instructions or die-cutting hints can be called up via the display. Future feature packages include i.a. the automatic setup of the die-cutting unit by the scanning the flexible die data, the fully automatic and continuous gap adjustment as well as an interface for integration into existing management information systems.

  • system for easy gap adjustment, consisting of adjustable anvil cylinder and a support roller, both solid and hardened. The digital version includes a touch display and a cpu.
  • adjustment range ± 80 microns
  • individual adjustment on both sides, at standstill and when machine is running
  • construction possible for all common machine types and working widths
  • can also be integrated in machines without support roller
  • minimum diameter 80 teeth (1/8” cp)
  • suitable for cutting from below


  • very stable and low-maintenance system
  • cutting-through also possible with no problems
  • no resonance/vibration problems
  • no temperature increase in cylinder
  • simple installation and removal

Anvil cylinders

Our anvil cylinders are characterised by their exemplary hardness and run-out accuracy. Whether you use a standard, plus or minus cylinder to compensate for a wide range of backing papers, thanks to its precision and ultra-fine surface condition, every Wink anvil cylinder is a quality tool that guarantees success. Anvil cylinders are available for all machine types, in all standard designs and, of course, special designs are also possible (based on drawings or samples).

  • Base material: high quality tool steel 
  • Available as a standard, plus or minus cylinder in order to compensate for variations in liners and worn cutting tools
  • Hardness: 62 +/- 2 HRC   
  • Run-out accuracy < 3 µm
  • Cylindricity < 3 µm   
  • Cylinder body diameter: up to 300 mm
  • Cylinder width (inc. taps) up to 2,000 mm
  • Special sizes available on request
  • Gear: standard 1/8 cp, all tooth modules available   
  • Delivery incl. gear and transport container

FlexAir® cylinders

Flexible option

The Wink FlexAir® system combines the advantages of solid die air systems with those of flexible dies. Air passage holes on the surface of the FlexAir® magnetic cylinder align exactly with the holes in the corresponding flexible die, so that the cut-out waste can be blown directly into the extraction unit which is attached to the vacuum system.

Simply clevAIR

This system is particularly beneficial for extended run applications where the additional extra cost is soon offset by the savings madeo n the cutting tools. When the cutting edge is worn you only have to replace the flexible die. This is considerably less expensive than removing the solid die and either repairing or replacing it.

FlexAir® magnetic cylinders

  • Dimensions: shaft diameter min. 22 mm
  • minimum 85 teeth (1/8" CP)
  • Special designs on request
  • Air supply: through shaft, capacity 4-8 bar

FlexAir® flexible dies

  • Die height: 0.44 - 1.00 mm (depending on material and shape)
  • Positioning: with aligning pins, ø 3 mm
  • Cutting lines: tolerance ± 2 μm, cutting angle 30-110°
  • Finishings: laser hardening, MC, MCR, MC plus,non-stick coating

Basic package

  • FlexAir cylinder incl. gear (available in all common gearings and qualities)
  • standard moment regulator for adjustment of air outlet

Additional components

  • comfort variant of air moment regulator with fixing unit for air lance
  • vacuum system (incl. funnel, deflection roller and mounting material)
  • compressed air service unit (incl. air pressure regulator)

AirTec cylinders

Save waste removal

The Wink AirTec system consists of rotary dies with a compressed air connection. The cut-out waste can be blown via air passage holes positioned around the cylinder, directly into the extraction unit which is attached tothe vacuum system. This procedure guarantees that no waste is left stuck in the cylinder cavities or in web.

Wink AirTec cylinders are especially recommended for cutting difficult or thick materials. It is also possible to combine different cutting heights for simultaneous cutting-through and kiss-cutting. AirTec cylinders are specially hardened by default to provide maximum durability. Our cylinders can be re-worked and re-sharpened several times.


  • Material: high quality fully hardened tool steel (60 ± 2 HRC)
  • Working width max. 510 mm (20“), overall width max. 1000 mm
  • Diameter min. 86 mm / max. 210 mm
  • Shaft diameter min. 22 mm
  • Air supply: through shaft, capacity 4-8 bar
  • Cutting lines: Standard height 1.2 mm, max. 3.0 mm, multiple heights per cylinder possible
  • Finishing: optionally with non-stick coating

Basic package

  • AirTec cylinder incl. gear (available in all common gearings and qualities)
  • standard moment regulator for adjustment of air outlet

Additional components

  • comfort variant of air moment regulator with fixing unit for air lance
  • vacuum system (incl. funnel, deflection roller and mounting material)
  • compressed air service unit (incl. air pressure regulator)

PowerCut® solid dies

Maximum Power

For many applications in narrow web printing, solid rotary dies continue to be the first choice, e.g. for cutting very thick labels, cardboard packaging and non-woven fabrics. Our PowerCut® cylinders are convincing because of their precision and long life. Each cylinder is manufactured using the latest CNC technology and adapted precisely to your individual requirements.


  • PowerCut® cylinders are hardened on principle and can be repeatedly reworked and resharpened.
  • All common working widths and diameters are available, special sizes on request.
  • Standard hight of cutting lines is 1.2 mm, of course other heights and several cutting depths on one cylinder are also no problem.


  • The D2 version is made from tool steel and is well suited for kiss-cutting of standard papers and films and smaller runs.
  • Made from high-quality tool steel, the D3 variant comes with a significantly increased lifetime, especially suited for kiss-cutting and cutting-through in long runs.
  • The D4 version made of special tool steel meets the highest standards and is the ideal choice for very long runs and particularly abrasive materials (e.g. thick PVC or metal foils).


Wear protection
Our Pro coating against wear significantly increases tool life. In addition, we also offer other special coatings, which are adapted to particular customer requirements.

Non-Stick coating
If desired, all PowerCut® cylinders are available with non-stick coating, which provides highly effective protection against ink and adhesive residues and thus makes for a smooth production process.

Magnetic base plates

In many cases, our magnetic base plates for flat bed units can serve as an alternative to the steel rule die. Combining a magnetic base with a flexible die offers advantages, particularly when working with very delicate cutting contours.

Like our magnetic cylinders, Wink magnetic flat bad bases are also precision-made using advanced CNC technology. Together with standard formats for normal flat bed units, we also manufacture special formats on request. The extremely strong magnets guarantee perfect dimensional accuracy and prevent the flexible die from slipping.

Magnetic cylinders

The perfect match to SuperCut dies


Excellent cutting results not only require an accurate flexible die. True-to-size magnetic carriers and anvil cylinders are equally vital. Only if all components are in flawless condition and perfectly adjusted, you will achieve premium cutting results.

Wink provides you with all you need - with outstanding quality and fastest delivery times. We use the latest high-tech equipment to manufacture high quality magnetic cylinders in all standard dimensions, as well as special formats, if requested by our customers. Our magnetic cylinders stand out for their maximum precision, optimum adhesion and high durability. All pros at a glance:

1. Hardened bearer rings and journals for maximum durability

2. Magnetic area with optimum adhesion for perfectly fitting flexible dies

3. Special, carefully cured adhesive prevents "bleeding" of magnets

4. Cylinder body made of stainless steel for perfect cutting results without contamination

5. Ground reference line for quick and easy die mounting

6. Minimum tolerances in the gap and concentricity guarantee highest die-cutting precision

7. Bearer rings can be dismantled and reworked separately 

In order to guarantee flawless cutting results, we strongly recommend to regularly have a check-up and gap measurement for all your magnetic cylinders. By using various grinding and repairing techniques, your cylinders can be restored to their original condition in many cases.


  • Available in all common diameters and working widths; special sizes on request
  • Cylinder body made of stainless steel
  • Magnetic surface fitted with hard ferrite permanent magnets (optional neodymium magnets)
  • Hardened bearer rings and journals (min. 60 HRC)
  • Minimum production tolerances (gap: 3 μm / true running accuracy: 3 μm)

Scope of delivery

  • Magnetic cylinder including gear
  • Secure box for transport and storage
  • Quality certificate

Flexible Envelope dies


Wink envelope dies are available as window dies, profiles and separators with variable geometry. They are suitable for all common machine types and magnetic systems and are available with various types of lay-on with a bent edge or pin system.

Our envelope dies are manufactured using the most up-to-date CNC technology to guarantee minimum tolerances and extremely high longevity, whether it be standard window dies, ripper perforations or security cuts. 



Window dies

  • single or multiple windows
  • special shapes on request

Profiles (Side knives)

  • set of dies or one piece
  • center marks as standard
  • optional perforation/pockets


  • optionally with security cuts / perforation
  • center marks as standard

All in one

  • straight or saddle flap
  • special shapes possible

Technical data

  • Die height up to 1.50 mm (standard: 0.80 mm / .0032'')
  • Tolerance: +- 3 µm
  • Base plate thickness 0.12 - 0.15 mm


  • Non-corrosion coating (standard)
  • Non-stick coating (optional)
  • Laser hardening (optional)

Wisp® dies (sheet-fed offset)

Wide range of uses

Our Wisp® flexible dies are made from high quality materials using state-of-the-art CNC technology. These unique special flexible dies can be used in almost all sheet offset machines for any print formats.

Our innovative technology enables efficient in-line production: kiss-cutting, cutting-through, perforation, creasing and embossing can take place immediately after printing. This saves valuable time and significantly reduces your production costs. The ideal height (up to 1.5 mm) is set according to your material. Paper and card printing material measuring up to 0.4 mm in thickness can therefore be cut without any problems. Our various finishing options enable you to further increase efficiency.

Suitable for machines by:

  • Heidelberger
  • manroland
  • KBA
  • Komori
  • Ryobi
  • Sakurai
  • and more


The wisp® flexible die is fitted to an open printing press or lacquer unit instead of a rubber blanket. Fast clamping rails, adaptor rails or a grooved gripper edge (inserted into conventional rails) can be used as a tension system. The anvil cylinder is protected by a special protective sheet.

The total height of underlay + flexible die + protection plate should be consistent with the undercut of the machine and should not be higher, because otherwise the cylinder(s) could be damaged. The required height must be adjusted by using an adequate underlay (e.g. old printing plates), as the height of the fexible die and the height of the protection plate are given.

Please see our installation guide for rapid and safe installation in your machine.


  • SuperCut 90/70/Special
  • Tolerance: ± 0,002 mm
  • Finishings: MC coating, MCR coating, Non-Stick coating, laser hardening

Sizes and heights

  • paper and carton materials, maximum 0,4 mm thickness of printing substrate
  • die height depending on material (max. 1,5 mm)
  • up to printing format 3b

Clamping systems

  • quick release clamps for printing and varnish units
  • adaptor clamps (instead of conventional bars)
  • corrugated gripper with Bacher cuttings on flexible dies (to install into convential bars)

Protection of anvil cylinder

  • For cutting-through the anvil cylinder should be protected by a wisp® protection plate.
  • Usually the Wink protection plates adhere also well to roughened anvil cylinders. However, this should always be checked and ensured in advance.

Protection plates

  • Standard sizes: 700 x 1.000 / 500 x 700 / 350 x 500 mm
  • Maximum size: 740 x 1.040 mm
  • Die height without adhesive tape: 0,20 mm
  • Die height including adhesive tape: 0,32 mm

ProShift® technology

Less pressure, maximum efficiency

Very often, labels include a high percentage of crosslines, e.g. rectangles. These shapes are fundamentally disadvantageous for die-cutting, however, and often cause problems in the die-cutting of lines across web direction. Help is at hand here with our ProShift® technology.


In a conventional, symmetrical arrangement of labels, the fact is that the greater the number and length of the crosslines, the more pretension is needed for these lines to be cut cleanly. With ProShift® flexible dies, however, the impressions are staggered in web direction. This reduces the length of the simultaneously cutting cross-lines, so that the cutting pressure can be considerably reduced.

Less pressure, maximum efficiency

The advantages of the ProShift® principle are not just in die-cutting. The staggered structure of the labels also has a positive influence on the printing results and increases overall efficiency:

  • perfect cutting results with minimum pretension
  • simple and stable matrix stripping
  • considerable reduction in cutting noise
  • longer lifetime of flexible dies and other machine parts
  • shorter setup times due to simple adjustment of cutting pressure
  • lower dot gain in printing and reduced "bouncing" of printing cylinders
  • higher production speeds possible in many cases

SuperCut flexible dies for labels

Precision tooling


Our high quality SuperCut flexible dies are produced using state-of-the-art CNC technology. We guarantee minimum tolerances, maximum durability and therefore optimum cost-effectiveness. Our flexible dies are just as varied as the labelling sector and its applications. Every die is a unique item, adapted with microscopic precision to your special application. Because we know what die-cutting is all about.

Maximum flexibility


A major proportion of our SuperCut dies are used for the manufacture of self-adhesive labels in all conceivable forms and variations. However, many other narrow-web products are also successfully cut with Wink dies, e.g. in-mould labels, booklets, folded boxes, tickets, tear-off coupons and hang tags.

The cutting edge height and angle are individually adjusted. As well as kiss-cutting and through-cutting, special applications (e.g. piggy back, sandwich materials, booklet labels, (micro) perforations, creasing, etc.) are no problem. Our evenly milled cutting edges guarantee minimum wear.

Versions and typical applications


SuperCut flexible dies can be used rotary and flat. The cutting lines of the dies are perfectly adapted to their requirements, while kiss-cutting and cutting through, (micro) perforation and creasing can also be combined on one tool as required, so that you can efficiently execute even complex die-cutting tasks.

SuperCut 90
Standard adhesive papers, thermal papers

SuperCut 70
Films such as PE 85, PP, PET; also paper materials

SuperCut Special
Special films and other materials which are difficult to die-cut

Maximum Performance

Our SuperCut dies make convincing products because of their very high operating performance even in the basic versions. For certain materials and applications, however, it makes sense to increase the lifetime of a tool even further through special types of finishings. The flexibility, tolerance and magnetic adhesion of the dies remain fully preserved with all coatings and hardening processes.

Overview of variants

  • Laser hardening is generally recommendable for cutting-through as well as for difficult-to-cut filmic materials in large quantities.
  • Particularly in the processing of very abrasive materials and inks (thermal paper, opaque white, luminous paints) in long runs, the MCR coating offers a considerable prolongation of lifetime, also in combination with laser hardening.
  • Our four non-stick coatings are the optimum solution if you are combating ink and adhesive residues. The non-stick coating minimises these residues on the cutting edges and on the surface of the die, thus ensuring an undisturbed production process.  

Technical data

  • Tolerance: ± 0.002 mm
  • Die height: 0.32 - 1.50 mm
  • Cutting angle: 30 - 110° (depending on material)
  • Versions: SuperCut 70, SuperCut 90, SuperCut Special


Rotary or flat usage:

  • kiss-cutting
  • cutting through
  • creasing
  • perforations
  • microperforations

For all common materials:

  • adhesive papers and thermal papers
  • PE, PP, PET, PVC, Tyvek etc.
  • thin cardboard
  • sandwich material / multi-layer materials

Steel rule dies

Quality through tradition

Decades of experience in the manufacture of steel rule dies and the use of advanced laser technology have transformed this traditional tool into an efficient piece of manufacturing equipment. The quality of our steel rule dies can be seen in their minimal tolerances, as well their excellent ability to cut all adhesive composite materials and seamless rule joints. Thanks to the specially adapted steel rule geometry, wink has managed to keep the deformation of steel rules to a minimum in the corners. This guarantees a uniform cutting result and impression-free cutting, even when using the most difficult materials.

For extreme cases: The Wink LT® rule

Our LT-Rule® enables you to maximise the useful life of your steel rule dies. The special coating extends its life span 4-5 times, which makes it an economic phenomenon. The LT-Rule® is used mainly for abrasive materials (thermo materials, metallic foils, Tyvek, fluorescent paints).


  • For all label printing machines with flat bed units
  • All common materials (paper, PP, PE, Tyvek, light cardboard, sandwich materials, etc.)
  • Through and kiss-cutting (also using cutting circles)
  • Perforations and micro-perforations
  • Creasing


Technical Data

  • Base material: Pertinax or plastic
  • Base plate height: 5 - 10 mm (special heights on request)
  • High quality rubber coating
  • Cutting rules in various hardness grades
  • Bevel (cutting angle): Standard 54°, alternatives: 1/3:2/3, 1/4:3/4, or double-sided bevel
  • Rule height: 7 - 12 mm
  • Rule thickness: 0.3 – 1.5 mm

Flyer Cutting Units (PDF, 3 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Flexible dies brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Flexible dies brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Care instructions (PDF, 2 MB)Installation (PDF, 2 MB)Flyer (PDF, 160KB)
  • perfect fit
  • durability and robust design
  • simple to use
  • time savings due to rapid retooling
ProMount manual (PDF, 2 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB) SmartGap® brochure (PDF, 1 MB)SmartGap® advantages (PDF, 1 MB)SmartGap® Touch brochure (PDF, 1 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Flexible dies brochure (PDF, 2 MB) Cylinders brochure (PDF, 2 MB)Cylinders data sheet (PDF, 145 KB)
EnveloCut Advantages
  • special cutting line geometry
  • minimum height tolerances
  • perfectly fitting die edges
  • positions marks
  • deburred outer rims
  • non-corrosion coating as a standard
Brochure EnveloCut (PDF, 1 MB)
Other offset system?

Of course, we also provide flexible dies for other offset systems. If you have any questions, simply contact our customer service – we are only too happy to help!

Installation guide (PDF, 50 kB)
Trouble-free mounting

For a quick and accurate positioning of ProShift® flexible dies, we recommend our ProMount aligning tool.

Flexible dies brochure (PDF, 2 MB)
SuperCut advantages
  • maximum precision
  • perfect cutting results
  • high durability
  • finishings for maximum efficiency
  • fast and reliable delivery
Brochure (PDF, 2 MB)Care instructions (PDF, 500 KB)