• Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels
  • Bild <strong>SuperCut</strong> flexible dies for labels

SuperCut flexible dies for labels

Precision tooling


Our high quality SuperCut flexible dies are produced using state-of-the-art CNC technology. We guarantee minimum tolerances, maximum durability and therefore optimum cost-effectiveness. Our flexible dies are just as varied as the labelling sector and its applications. Every die is a unique item, adapted with microscopic precision to your special application. Because we know what die-cutting is all about.

Maximum flexibility


A major proportion of our SuperCut dies are used for the manufacture of self-adhesive labels in all conceivable forms and variations. However, many other narrow-web products are also successfully cut with Wink dies, e.g. in-mould labels, booklets, folded boxes, tickets, tear-off coupons and hang tags.

The cutting edge height and angle are individually adjusted. As well as kiss-cutting and through-cutting, special applications (e.g. piggy back, sandwich materials, booklet labels, (micro) perforations, creasing, etc.) are no problem. Our evenly milled cutting edges guarantee minimum wear.

Versions and typical applications


SuperCut flexible dies can be used rotary and flat. The cutting lines of the dies are perfectly adapted to their requirements, while kiss-cutting and cutting through, (micro) perforation and creasing can also be combined on one tool as required, so that you can efficiently execute even complex die-cutting tasks.

SuperCut 90
Standard adhesive papers, thermal papers

SuperCut 70
Films such as PE 85, PP, PET; also paper materials

SuperCut Special
Special films and other materials which are difficult to die-cut

Maximum Performance

Our SuperCut dies make convincing products because of their very high operating performance even in the basic versions. For certain materials and applications, however, it makes sense to increase the lifetime of a tool even further through special types of finishings. The flexibility, tolerance and magnetic adhesion of the dies remain fully preserved with all coatings and hardening processes.

Overview of variants

  • Laser hardening is generally recommendable for cutting-through as well as for difficult-to-cut filmic materials in large quantities.
  • Particularly in the processing of very abrasive materials and inks (thermal paper, opaque white, luminous paints) in long runs, the MCR coating offers a considerable prolongation of lifetime, also in combination with laser hardening.
  • Our four non-stick coatings are the optimum solution if you are combating ink and adhesive residues. The non-stick coating minimises these residues on the cutting edges and on the surface of the die, thus ensuring an undisturbed production process.  

Technical data

  • Tolerance: ± 0.002 mm
  • Die height: 0.32 - 1.50 mm
  • Cutting angle: 30 - 110° (depending on material)
  • Versions: SuperCut 70, SuperCut 90, SuperCut Special


Rotary or flat usage:

  • kiss-cutting
  • cutting through
  • creasing
  • perforations
  • microperforations

For all common materials:

  • adhesive papers and thermal papers
  • PE, PP, PET, PVC, Tyvek etc.
  • thin cardboard
  • sandwich material / multi-layer materials
SuperCut advantages
  • maximum precision
  • perfect cutting results
  • high durability
  • finishings for maximum efficiency
  • fast and reliable delivery
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Whether at home, in the car, supermarket, office or factory – we are surrounded by products, which acquire their final shape through die-cutting. When using the necessary precision tools, printers and converters all over the world trust in Wink as a reliable partner, because the flawless quality of the die-cut products is crucial for their own success.

Depending on the sector and material involved, we have to meet very different requirements, when it comes to specifications for our cutting tools. From kiss-cutting to cutting-through, perforating, creasing and embossing – we tailor our tools perfectly to your individual needs.

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