• Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders
  • Bild <strong>SmartGap</strong><sup>®</sup> cylinders

SmartGap® cylinders

Adjustable anvil cylinder

The wide range of materials and ever thinner liners make special demands on all die-cutting components. Adjustable anvil systems permit a variable adaptation of the gap to the respective requirements. However, in some applications problems arise with conventional adjustable systems, in particular with cutting-through, larger working widths and high production speeds.

After long research and development work, we present the SmartGap® which overcomes these limitations. You can adapt the gap to your needs flexibly and with great accuracy. The system is convincing with highly precise double-sided gap adjustment and its particularly stable construction which even makes cutting through possible without any problems.

The SmartGap® is available in two versions: while the Classic version is adjusted via knobs, The touch model can be controlled via a touch display "at the push of a button". The patent-pending system offers, in addition to the actual gap adjustment, numerous "smart" functions, that make automation and control of production processes as efficient as never before.

Easy. Stable. Proven.

The SmartGap® is very simple and flexible to operate. The unit has two control knobs on its frame which adjust the gap individually for the drive and operator side in order to compensate one-sided wear, inaccuracies in the cutting tool, as well as fluctuation sin material thickness. The adjustment steps are less than a micron, so that even the smallest corrections can be made.

Adjustment is possible both at a standstill and when the machine is running. The display of the adjustmentelements is calibrated so that a display of “zero” (0000) corresponds to a gap of 480 microns. If the knob is turned in the plus direction, the cutting depth is increased (the gap gets smaller). If the knob is turned in the minus direction, the cutting depth is decreased because the gap between the cylinders becomes greater.

Digital gap adjustment for perfect die-cutting results

The adjustable anvil cylinder SmartGap® Touch is based on the proven classic version, but also offers numerous advantages and additional functions: It is controlled by a modern touch display with an intuitively designed and clearly arranged user interface. The display is connected to a central processing unit, which in turn commands the adjusting units and thus the anvil cylinder respectively. In order to power the SmartGap® Touch a standard household power outlet is sufficient.

The digital control provides the SmartGap® Touch with unrivaled flexibility: The step size is individually adjustable, depending on the application, the gap can be changed in small or large steps. The smallest adjustment unit is just 0.5 microns, making the SmartGap® Touch the most accurate system in the market. The gap can be adjusted as usual on both sides individually. In addition, it is possible to adjust both sides at the push of a button.

The digital architecture of the SmartGap® Touch allows for many additional functions: For example, product information, care instructions or die-cutting hints can be called up via the display. Future feature packages include i.a. the automatic setup of the die-cutting unit by the scanning the flexible die data, the fully automatic and continuous gap adjustment as well as an interface for integration into existing management information systems.

  • system for easy gap adjustment, consisting of adjustable anvil cylinder and a support roller, both solid and hardened. The digital version includes a touch display and a cpu.
  • adjustment range ± 80 microns
  • individual adjustment on both sides, at standstill and when machine is running
  • construction possible for all common machine types and working widths
  • can also be integrated in machines without support roller
  • minimum diameter 80 teeth (1/8” cp)
  • suitable for cutting from below


  • very stable and low-maintenance system
  • cutting-through also possible with no problems
  • no resonance/vibration problems
  • no temperature increase in cylinder
  • simple installation and removal
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