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Care products

„Wink Iso pro“ and „Wink Protec“

When cleaning and taking care of your cutting tools, we recommend that you use only Wink care products, which we have developed with the Fraunhofer Institut. Our care products do not damage your cutting tools, which therefore last longer.

  • The "Wink Iso pro" special cleaner removes ink and adhesive residues from flexible dies and cylinders. 
  • The special "Wink Protec" anti-corrosive can be used when oiling your tools before storing them away. 

Both care products are available in handy 0.5l bottles, incl. spray nozzle. 

Pricing & ordering

  • „Wink Iso pro“ special cleaner (0,5 l) – 6,90 €/bottle
  • „Wink Protec“ anti-corrosive oil (0,5 l) – 8,90 €/bottle
  • Set/s „Wink Iso pro“ (0,5 l) +„Wink Protec“ (0,5 l) – 14,90 €/Set

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