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Milestones in the history of Wink

The company’s roots date back to before its creation in 1989. Its founder Wilfried Jeurink had already worked successfully in the cutting tool sector for many years as part of his father’s steel rule die company “Bandstahlschnitte Jeurink”. At the end of the 1980’s, he observed the growing trend for flexible dies. This development became the foundation, on which the success story of Wink was built.

1989 Foundation



Wink company (Wilfried Jeurink KG) founded in Neuenhaus, Germany, and begins to manufacture flexible dies

1992 New company building


New company building

Construction of a new company building in Neuenhaus covering an area of 2,400 m²; the Gerhard Jeurink company’s Pertinax Steel Rule Dies division becomes part of the Wink company.

1999 Market launch of wisp® die


Market launch of wisp® die

Development and market launch of the wisp® flexible offset die.

2002 Expansion and relocation


Expansion and relocation

Relocation to the new company building in the Lerchenstrasse in Neuenhaus, with a production area of approx. 5,000 m².

2005 Non-Stick coatings


Non-Stick coatings

Development and introduction of non-stick coatings for flexible dies

2006 New owners


New owners

Wink company sold to Ferdinand Oetker, Dr Alfred Oetker, Günther Skrzypek and Alan de Natris and changes its name to “Wink Stanzwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG”

2007 International growth


International growth

Acquisition of cutting tool manufacturer DEV A/S (now Wink Danmark A/S); foundation of distribution company Wink Italia s.r.l. (now Wink South Europe s.r.l.)

2009 FlexAir® system


FlexAir® system

Market launch of the FlexAir®-System.

2011 ProShift® and ProMount


ProShift® and ProMount

Market launch of the ProMount system and ProShift technology

2012 Expansion of production


Expansion of production

Expansion of production area in Neuenhaus by 1,400 sqm; foundation of distribution company Wink US, LLC.

2014 Acquisition of FST GmbH


Acquisition of FST GmbH

Wink acquires FST GmbH in Simmerath/Rollesbroich. The site is to become Wink's "Center of Excellence" for cylinders.